WVAJ Issues a Challenge to West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

WVAJ Issues a Challenge to West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse:  Join Us in Statewide Public Forums on Our Civil Justice System

 Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Association for Justice today issued a formal challenge to West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse for the two organizations to hold a series of public forums on the state’s civil justice system.  WVAJ would work with CALA to schedule a minimum of five events throughout the state.  The challenge was sent to CALA this morning via email and certified mail.

“In recent years, there has been a lot of debate regarding our courts and our 7th amendment right to trial by jury.  Both sides have presented their evidence independently, but that’s not the most effective way to do this.  CALA should join WVAJ and present our information to the ultimate jury–the people of West Virginia.  Today, I issue a formal challenge to Roman Stauffer and West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse to join us for a series of public forums throughout our state,” said Beth White, executive director of the West Virginia Association for Justice.

The forums will be a “no spin” zone.

“There is a lot of misinformation and half-truths about our courts.  WVAJ does not deal in propaganda.  If CALA accepts our challenge, both sides need to stick to the facts.  Information should come from verifiable, third-party sources.  Let’s present the hard evidence to the people and let them decide.”

WVAJ also requires that the forums are open to any person who wants to attend as well as to the local media.  “In the past CALA has hosted ’roundtables,’ but these events were by invitation only and were not open to the public.  It’s far easier to tell the media that you have the local community on your side when you’ve pre-selected your audience and they agree with you already.  These events will be open to the public.”

WVAJ proposes that the forums be moderated by a local news reporter agreed upon by both organizations.  Earned and paid media for the events will also be approved by both groups.  Additional guidelines can be negotiated.

“I hope that CALA accepts our challenge and joins us.  West Virginians deserve accurate, comprehensive information about our civil justice system, business climate and how our courts protect our state residents and small businesses,” White said.

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