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Medical Malpractice Cases

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  • Case 1:

    Clifford was a 42 year old river barge hand who went to the hospital with complaints of left sided weakness, facial numbness, facial droopiness, dizziness and slurred speech. He was diagnosed as having an inner ear infection, given some medicine, and sent home. Less than two days later he returned with a worsening of symptoms and was again sent home — after a consultation with an ENT physician was scheduled. Clifford’s wife called the ENT physician before his scheduled appointment to see if anything could be done in the meantime because his symptoms had not improved and she was simply told that he should keep the appointment. Two days before the appointment, Clifford suffered a massive stroke which has left him permanently paralyzed from the neck down. Clifford and his wife received a 1.2 million dollar settlement from the insurance carriers for the hospital and the physicians.