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Premises Liability Cases

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  • Case 1:

    Brian was a recently married general laborer who worked for a local landlord. In the course of Brian and his employer performing black top repairs on a parking lot, Brian was instructed to use highly flammable methanol to heat the surface to be repaired preparatory to adding the patch mixture. An explosion ensued and Brian received third degree burns over 40% of his body. A settlement of nearly 1 million dollars was negotiated with the landlord’s insurance company.
  • Case 2:

    Justin and his mother were tenants in an older building in Fairmont, West Virginia. Concerned about Justin’s apparent developmental delays, Justin’s physicians tested him for lead paint exposure. This established that Justin had dangerously high levels of lead in his system. Testing by the County Health Department determined that exterior paint on the windows was lead based and that Justin had ingested flaking particles and dust. Our attorneys negotiated a settlement for the maximum policy limits on the property, which was $300,000.00.