Personal Injury

Overview of our services…

The attorneys at HAMSTEAD, WILLIAMS, MEEK & SHOOK PLLC know how devastating even “minor accidents” can be — not only for the actual person injured but for all family members as well. We have an excellent reputation in the area.

Insurance companies know our reputation and this helps your chances of getting a fair settlement without having to go to court.

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If your case does have to go to court, HAMSTEAD, WILLIAMS, MEEK & SHOOK PLLC has the skills and the knowledge to properly represent you before a judge and a jury.

We provide a free consultation for prospective clients on personal injury issues. We charge contingent fees for cases we accept.

Personal Injury

The attorneys at HAMSTEAD, WILLIAMS, MEEK & SHOOK PLLC know how devastating even “minor accidents” can be. We can help navigate your case to get the best outcome for you.

In detail…

The law of personal injury is concerned with determining who may be responsible (who is “liable” or has “liability”) for causing injury and how much the responsible party should be required to pay for any damages resulting from the injury.

Personal injury law can be classified into the following three broad categories, or degrees of fault:

  1. Negligence
  2. Intentional Torts
  3. Strict Liability Torts.

Each category is comprised of different types of legal wrongs (or “causes of action”) and indicates a different “standard of care” that may apply to a given incident.

While Hamstead, Williams, Meek & Shook P.L.L.C. can never guarantee the outcome of a lawsuit, we can guarantee that we will work hard – for you and with you – and we will provide sound, objective advice, and share in decision-making.

We schedule regular meetings to review our progress with you and to make sure that we are informed about your progress. We will do everything in our power to maximize the recovery for you, with a focus on being prompt, efficient, and professional every step of the way. That we can guarantee.

We cannot accept every case that people consult with us about, but we never charge for giving advice and for consulting with you regarding your claim. In all personal injury cases, Hamstead, Williams, Meek & Shook P.L.L.C. provides aggressive representation to injury victims.

We are Morgantown’s Personal Injury Attorneys.

If you want to be represented by the best law firm for your case then do not hesitate to contact us today!